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Electing New Officers

Electing New Chapter Officers. See details below. Stay tuned for an email that will be sent providing more information soon about the timeline and the online voting process. Members of the Internet Society Chapter of Somalia are invited to nominate for the following... read more

Online security webinar

Online security is a major issue facing the ICT industry. The recent webinar Mohamed Wairah and the Chapter founder Mohamed Ibrahim delivered recently covered many aspects of all issues related to the internet space, focusing on online businesses. The role of security... read more

Girls in ICT – Somalia

The focus in Somalia on the 28th of April was on the political situation, however, a few people managed to take part in the Girls in ICT and joined us via online event. The Zoom recording will be made available soon via Youtube and will also be included in one of the... read more

Girls in ICT 2022

We hope to see many Somali girls in the ICT sector participate in the  International Girls in ICT day 2022. This year, it will be celebrated on 28 April. There are many activities taking place around the world, and we would like to encourage you all to follow these... read more

Lahaansho and Somali Artists

Somali artists are joining the world of NFTs. And the Internet Society Chapter of Somalia is excited to collaborate with and support this new initiative. The main objective of Lahaansho which was launched a month ago is to support Somali artists to gain global... read more

Safer Internet Day

The Internet Society Somali Chapter Celebrates Safer Internet Day, Feb 8. More on this please visit the website or just... read more

Happy and productive 2022

Happy new year. We are ten years old. Coming of Age, so to speak… We are determined to re-energize the Chapter and focus on engaging the community. Covid slowed some of our projects and we have now learned to live with it. More on this and the 2022 action plan,... read more

NFT… opportunity for Somali artists

      The ISOC Somali Chapter is working with talented young Somali artists in Somalia and abroad who are venturing into the NFT world. This is a welcome move and will help the nascent art industry in the country. It is also a good initiative that will... read more

Encrypt and Stay safe online

Informing the community about the advantages of encryption and how to stay safe online. This event will cover basic and intermediate encryption knowledge focusing on online business, securing emails, data protection, and secure use of mobile phones for mobile money... read more

Mobile money enabled aid delivery

Somalia is one country that has been transformed by the emergence of mobile money. In 2017, according to the the World Bank, it is estimated more than 70% of the Somali population over the age of 16 use mobile money services. Additionally, mobile money is the primary... read more

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