The Somali Chapter of the Internet Society is facing a major challenge that highlights the need for ICT solutions in Somalia. Due to the Covid19 challenges and now the election processes that almost shut down all government businesses, we cannot even get our non-profit entity license renewed. We have a notary certificate from a well-known legal firm… and yet we cannot find anyone to process the necessary certificate from the Ministry of Interior.

We have tried to find members of parliament to help, unfortunately, they are busy in their campaigns to get re-elected. Members of the Chapter tried to contact the Ministry via …. this is what you get! The chapter is happy to help and develop this website. Please contact our tech support via

As always we will continue supporting the Somali ICT sector, please see below and register to attend this event. Thursday 29 July 2021 at 14:00 UTC (15:00 WAT) for a virtual conversation on how to build a dynamic and resilient peering and interconnection ecosystem in West Africa.

West Africa Peering Forum (WAPF)

The chapter is actively involved in the development of IXP for Somalia, hope you can join us and learn more about this.