The note from our Chapter president ( has generated a lot of responses and a summary of the emails we have received shows an interest in community networks, encryption, digital literacy, and informing the community, government, and academia about the dangers of Internet fragmentation. We will study your responses in detail and provide activities related to this. We want to congratulate Abdirizak Hashi for completing the Internet Society Encryption course and Zainab Mohamoud for winning the essay writing competition during the Girl in ICT event on 27th April. see below:

Fortunately, Hamid and Libaan attended two Zoom meetings (see pics below) which inform your responses and we are glad that we will share more on this in our next post. The events were informative and educational. Thanks to Victor and Hana of the Internet Society for enabling this event,  you can watch the recordings at the link below:… – Passcode: !Fq$*ED7 . The presentations are also available at the link below:

Hamid attended the Funding for Technical Community Events- Information Session, and shared the link with us: … if asked for a code, please use the email you used for the chapter membership and you will get a code. Thanks, Dan York and Brian Horlick of the Internet Society Foundation for providing useful content.

The Isocfoundation event – was very informative!

Dan York and Brian Horlick of the Internet Society Foundation provided comprehensive information
Q2 African Community Call – Amazing event!