In our last meeting, we discussed what activities the Chapter should focus on and I would like to share the outcome of that discussion with you and also to allow you (those who did not attend the meeting) to have a say. It seems there is a great deal of interest in encryption and data privacy and we will continue these seminars/webinars over the next 6 months.

Community network and IXP discussions seem to attract a lot of attention, however, we are not sure what method we should use to discuss this or what format is suitable as an activity. comments and feedback are welcome.

As mentioned in our last meeting, we have now finalized our Proposed ISOC Somalia Chapter member statement of purpose, and we would like to hear from you. See the survey provided in the document and let us your views on this.

The Chapter is getting an internal review and audit process as part of future directions. The discussion on engaging the federal states, and possibly having a presence in each state is an ongoing discussion among the chapter officers and interested members, and this is an internal issue that will not require ISOC involvement