The focus in Somalia on the 28th of April was on the political situation, however, a few people managed to take part in the Girls in ICT and joined us via online event. The Zoom recording will be made available soon via Youtube and will also be included in one of the posts soon. The Internet Society Impact report 2021 was also released and we have discussed some of the issues covered in the report. Staying Connected in a Changing World is indeed our focus this year, and we would like to encourage you to read this report.

We will discuss some of the issues discussed in this year’s report. The Impact Report 2021: Staying Connected in a Changing World tells the story of how the Internet Society works hard to implement the values enshrined in its mission and vision.  Please give your comments and feedback and participate in the global discussion on the future of the internet. The founder of the Somali Chapter is actively involved in promoting the Somali ICT sector and also contributes his thoughts on the global scene… see his latest comment here.