Somali artists are joining the world of NFTs. And the Internet Society Chapter of Somalia is excited to collaborate with and support this new initiative. The main objective of Lahaansho which was launched a month ago is to support Somali artists to gain global exposure and earn a living or get financial rewards from their hard work.

While we acknowledge the artist’s freedom of expression, the Chapter management team has decided to work with artists who can use themes that are accepted by all members of the Chapter. And based on the feedback we have received, in this case, the majority seem to prefer other artistic expressions and we will accept the view of the majority which must be consistent with our vision and mission.

The intention was never to promote a negative image or a theme, BUT rather to send a message, a historical message covering the stages our country went through and as you will see in the next minted NFTs, we will show how this project is about ‘From guns to Pens’  which we have promoted over the last few years. This is going to transform our youth’s use of internet tools into the productive path we have been following over the years.

NFTs are hard to explain, and I will encourage you to read this or click on this link  and bookmark it for your future reference. This is an exciting project and we hope many Somali artists will take advantage of this. The first-ever Somali artist work that minted and NFTed was sold last week. This is a huge step forward for the Somali arts world… more on this standby.