The Internet Society Somali Chapter invites you to this informative and educational event. This might be an opportunity to raise the internet access issue and ask questions about the LEO solutions.

According to Satcube, in 2021 some US$47 billion was invested to launch thousands of new LEO satellites, but, in contrast, ground segment innovation was supported by a meagre US$0.5 billion. While some LEO operators are building their terminals in-house, others are partnering with manufacturers to build their terminals. Unlike GEO satellites, LEOs are not fixed over a single point of the earth’s surface and this presents a technical challenge for the ground segment, accompanying the financial challenge of building very large numbers of terminals. This panel will explore the technical, financial, and operational challenges and opportunities faced by LEO operators, terminal manufacturers, network services solutions providers, and others as the LEO constellations are built and deployed to orbit.

Thursday, 26 January 2023, 3:00 pm UK time / 10:00 am US Eastern time