Somalia is one country that has been transformed by the emergence of mobile money. In 2017, according to the the World Bank, it is estimated more than 70% of the Somali population over the age of 16 use mobile money services. Additionally, mobile money is the primary access point to financial services in the country.

The collapse of the formal banking systems in early 1990s paved the way for mobile-money services. In a country with security problems,
mobile money has proven to be both safe and secure. It allowed the formalization of digital payment systems through Hormuud and Somtel, the two largest telecom companies in Somalia. With a customer base of over 3 million subscribers, the two telecom companies delivers mobile-money services to millions people through its EVC Plus platform.

Somalia is a good example of how mobile money can be used to support financial inclusivity for the most vulnerable, namely internally displaced people.
Aid agencies have been able to provide them with monthly salaries through mobile money. The sector would benefit from more training from international
community to understand and improve how mobile money can be used to ensure effective operations to support financial inclusivity for the most vulnerable.

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Mobile money enabled cash aid delivery: Mobile operator course