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NFT… opportunity for Somali artists

      The ISOC Somali Chapter is working with talented young Somali artists in Somalia and abroad who are venturing into the NFT world. This is a welcome move and will help the nascent art industry in the country. It is also a good initiative that will... read more

Encrypt and Stay safe online

Informing the community about the advantages of encryption and how to stay safe online. This event will cover basic and intermediate encryption knowledge focusing on online business, securing emails, data protection, and secure use of mobile phones for mobile money... read more

Mobile money enabled aid delivery

Somalia is one country that has been transformed by the emergence of mobile money. In 2017, according to the the World Bank, it is estimated more than 70% of the Somali population over the age of 16 use mobile money services. Additionally, mobile money is the primary... read more

Future of Somali Chapter

The Somali Chapter of the Internet Society is facing a major challenge that highlights the need for ICT solutions in Somalia. Due to the Covid19 challenges and now the election processes that almost shut down all government businesses, we cannot even get our... read more

Secure Internet

The Internet has radically transformed our lives for the better. It is a critical resource with an open architecture that enables it to offer connectivity, innovation, and empowerment to all. Why does it work? The Internet owes its strength and success to a foundation... read more

July update

As the country moves into election mode, and COVID19 limits our interactions, the chapter wants to remind its members and the Somali ICT sector to follow many interesting events around the world via Zoom. Here we would like to share with you the  IGFUSA2021.. hope you... read more

MM & FI presentations

Here are two presentations from the founder of the Somali Internet Society Chapter, Mohamed Ibrahim who now lives in Australia. In fact, these two presentations were backup copies prepared in advance for the virtual Mobile Money & financial inclusion summit which... read more

PHP introduction in Somali language

Waxa aynu ku baran doono casharadan soo socda: waa Asaaska salka ee PHP Programming, Sida loo install gareeyo PHP7, Apache and MySql Fahamka PHP variable, loops, conditional iyo functions. Waxaan kaloo baraneynaa Sida loo process gareeyo foomamka bogaga internetka... read more