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Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite for Somalia

The Internet Society Somali Chapter invites you to this informative and educational event. This might be an opportunity to raise the internet access issue and ask questions about the LEO solutions. According to Satcube, in 2021 some US$47 billion was invested to... read more

Learning @ Internet Society Courses (LP)

Preparing a new generation to succeed as leaders in Internet technology, policy, and business is one of the Internet Society’s key objectives. To be successful, the next generation of Internet leaders will need a wide range of skills in a variety of disciplines – as... read more

Content Creation Competition

Finally, we are ready to invite you to the last event for the year – The content creation competition. This is your chance to take part in this unique event to showcase your digital creativity. As discussed in the last two webinars, we are pleased to provide... read more

Encryption Day

In case you missed the Encryption Day Webinar here is an edited version of the recording, taking the consent of those who attended into account. However, the presentation of the invited guest is included in the video below. We have more printed reports that we can... read more


August 7 Post I shared with you about this important event, please read it here again if necessary. I would to share with you more information about this event; Encryption Day 21 October, and please join us. We have organized a very informative webinar for all Somalis... read more

ISOC Community Week

Come and join us at the Internet Society Community week. Community Week starts next Tuesday and we are all looking forward to meeting our chapters and members’ Internet Heroes and learn from their success stories. Here is the opportunity to meet some Internet... read more

African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) 2022

On Tuesday-Thursday August 23-25 2022 the African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) 2022 convened in Kigali, Rwanda. An open and inclusive forum, AfPIF focused on developing Internet interconnection and traffic exchange opportunities by bringing together key... read more

AFIP 2022 – Kigali, Rwanda

The Apif 2022 is a hybrid event that focuses on developing internet interconnections and traffic exchange opportunities by bringing together key players – infrastructure providers, internet service providers, internet exchange points (IXPs), content producers... read more

Global Encryption Day – 21 October

Global Encryption Day 2022 will take place on 21 October 2022. This annual Day of Action, Global Encryption Day is very important for all who care about promoting and protecting our information and communication more private and secure. It is an opportunity to... read more

July updates

July was a busy month for our chapter as we have planned and managed to complete the election process. Today, I hope many of you are exercising your right as a member to elect the Chair and Vice Chair. Q2 Internet Society African Community Call: Protect the... read more