The ISOC Somali Chapter is working with talented young Somali artists in Somalia and abroad who are venturing into the NFT world. This is a welcome move and will help the nascent art industry in the country. It is also a good initiative that will put Somalia on the global art scene. There are many young talented artists in Somalia and abroad who will make waves on the global scene soon.

The Chapter will engage those who need technical support. We have created to give exposure and marketing support to Somali artists. We will also help and guide those who become a member via the website that will give an exclusive page to each artist free of charge. We hope to encourage all young Somali artists. The chapter is here to help, we are not charging any fees, we are doing this to help. There will a formal launch of this project on the 27/28 of Nov 2021 at the Swinburne University supported Somali week conference. There are other IT projects the chapter is supporting that will be promoted during the week. Hope you can join us. If you need more information about all these initiatives, please contact or Information about the chapter and the discussions about the move to become an independent entity please contact us via, and The Chapter will be 10 years old on January 2022, and your thoughts on the future of the chapter are welcome. Please contact us if you need more information.