The Internet Way of Networking (IWN project) team has worked to identify the critical properties of the Internet Way of Networking, basically what makes the Internet!  the IWN project team has produced   The Internet Impact Assessment  Toolkit  .and they are soliciting feedback from our community on those properties and related resources. This Toolkit documents are available in PDF at: Please take time to read them and send your feedback to before August 10, 2020. The documents are also accessible here…. IIAT_Internet Way of Networking Use Case-Interconnection-and-Routing-FINAL and IIAT_Internet Way of Networking Use Case-Intermediary-Liability-FINAL  and IIAT_Internet Way of Networking Use Case-Data-Localization-FINAL  and IIAT_Introduction-FINAL and Critical-Properties-of-the-IWN-framework-FINAL … if you want watch the webinar click below …. enjoy it.



You should try to answer the following feedback in your feedback:

  • Do these properties make sense? Is something missing in their description, and are all properties included?
  • Is it a helpful narrative for you and your community? Does the toolkit make sense in your local/regional context?
  • Are the use-cases clear? Is something missing in the analysis, and do they “do the job” of evaluating the impact on the properties?
  • Do you have suggestions for improvements or ideas for how this toolkit can be used by the Internet Society members and allies?