Hope you all had a great year, and happy new year 2019. Apologies for not sending this earlier. The Internet Society Chapter of Somalia had an unexpected challenge when isoc.so and Somalia.so among many others, were taken down without any notice for a while, which disabled our websites as well as our email accounts. However, the backup system implemented by the founders of the Chapter saved the day. All the dotso based websites were backed up on another website, for example, isoc.so was mirrored by som-isoc.org, etc. To see all the others, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9oXCdmQju-Ex4AFMcWhJQ and see where to find any of our domains if they are taken down in the future.

This year, the Chapter is focused on engaging its members more often as well as continuing the campaign to increase the membership. However, my first task is to ensure that your email accounts are all current and working. I will update the website to inform you more about the Chapter management team and our achievements during 2018, as well as the plan for 2019.