In this post we want to share with you the following two important items. The Chapter founder was in Mogadishu assessing the status of the chapter and the following have been decided. To fast track the election process, and to give opportunity to members of the chapter to volunteer and continue the good work of the current (soon previous) management team. This is consistent with the by-laws of the chapter and the general guidelines of the Internet Society.

The following is summary form my last post: we have decided to urgently call for nominations, an election for new officers to lead the chapter. Therefore, please consider this and apply by 22 March 2024. Due to the Ramadan, please note we have added one more week to give chance to all. The positions are:

President/Chair, Vice Chair, community liaison officer, technical officer and treasurer/Secretary. Secretary and
Treasurer are combined into one position. Send your nomination to The election will be supervised by independent observers. The new officers will have the opportunity to amend the bylaws, strategies and future directions of the chapter.

The chapter founder visited many universities in Mogadishu encouraging the application of ICT in tools in teaching and learning. The chapter will be working with the universities, encouraging students to become members. There will be online courses and webinars on Ai tools during 2024. We are pleased to announce the first Somali student have registered to this course, and we would like to encourage all our member to learn more about this new technology that will certainly innovate business process in all areas in the public and private sector. Please register using the URL below.