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ID and Authentication…

The chapter is running webinars and zoom meeting to discuss the importance of IDs and authentication. Please standby for further details, in the meantime, please watch Global... read more

New Chapter Office….

The Chapter has moved to a new office- Office 103 Gabow Building, Maka Almukarama Rd, Waberi, Mogadishu, Somalia. Tonight  (4th Dec 2020) from 9 pm will do our last community zoom…. to discuss new ideas for next year, the upcoming election (more on this please... read more

Launching Somali IGF

14-15 Nov Zoom meetings to launch the Somali IGF.  More on this click on the logo below to register for the fist formal Somali IGF event.   Or click on the URL below: To... read more

Chaperthon 2020

We have participated the Chapterthon 2020 and hope will get more votes. If you would like to see more on this, please visit… ManualReport … here is more information about our Chapterthon 2020... read more

Last week zoom meeting

Last week’s zoom meeting was informative and hope those of you who attended enjoyed the discussion, ideas shared. Thanks to Jimcale for your presentation on cybersecurity and the need to take this issue seriously. I am editing the recording of this meeting and... read more

Zooming and other updates

Last Friday we had our weekly Zoom meeting, will share issues discussed in our email update soon. Next week we will change the time to 9pm Mogadishu time due to the many requests we have received. Do not miss the upcoming zoom meeting next Friday, there will be a... read more

Chapterthon- Covid19, Data Protection and Online Privacy

We have now completed the Chapterthon activities, here is a brief highlight Also please stay tuned for the content developed and shared on getting right information about Covid19, Data Protection and Online Privacy. Chapter members will be emailed and you are all... read more

Events Update

In case you missed yesterday… here are the presentation, and recording of the  Q3 regional community engagement Quarterly call. Compiled “all in one” presentation: Video... read more

Covid19 – Awareness

The Chapter continues to provide information about COVID19 awareness, please join our zoom meeting. Email us and will send you an invitation. In the meantime, please visit read more

Virtual School of Internet Governance

Your Source on Internet Governance Education is here…  The Virtual School of Internet Governance is a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Courseware) dedicated to the key pillars of Internet Governance. We are also working on Somalia’s IGF initiative…... read more

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