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Internet use versus mobile money in Somalia

The use of the internet has made possible for Somalia to move towards being truly cashless economy. in 2018 A World Bank has reported approximately 155 mobile money million transactions, worth of $2.7 billion were recorded in Somalia per month. Needless to say that... read more

The learning passport… coming soon!

Transforming Societies through Education….  finally, the chapter has found the exact expression on earlier initiatives to deliver online education. We are exploring ways to introduce the Learning Passport platform.  We would like to invite educational... read more

ICT update

Ramadan Karim. This update is for our members and all those in the Somali ICT sector. Please watch this video and let us (Somalis) learn from our neighbouring countries. Our chapter founder, Mohamed Ibrahim in Jan 2019 presented a paper on Blockchain... read more

Fellowship Oppurtunity

The use of the Internet has given us the possibility and opportunity that has transformed our lives for the better. It is place where we collaborate, share ideas, and strengthen connectedness. It’s where we work, seek help, learn, communicate, and innovate. The... read more

MIT TAU Series

Attend MIT X TRUE Africa University Webinar Series. Please submit your questions or comments to: Here is the  March 18 event on Africa’s New Technologies with Iyinoluwa Aboyeji is now available on the CIS YouTube... read more

MANRS Fellowship program

After great success last year, MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) Fellowship Program is now accepting applications for 2021. If you are an emerging leader eager to improve the well-being of the Internet’s global routing system, apply now. The... read more

ID and Authentication…

The chapter is running webinars and zoom meeting to discuss the importance of IDs and authentication. Please standby for further details, in the meantime, please watch Global... read more

New Chapter Office….

The Chapter has moved to a new office- Office 103 Gabow Building, Maka Almukarama Rd, Waberi, Mogadishu, Somalia. Tonight  (4th Dec 2020) from 9 pm will do our last community zoom…. to discuss new ideas for next year, the upcoming election (more on this please... read more

Launching Somali IGF

14-15 Nov Zoom meetings to launch the Somali IGF.  More on this click on the logo below to register for the fist formal Somali IGF event.   Or click on the URL below: To... read more

Chaperthon 2020

We have participated the Chapterthon 2020 and hope will get more votes. If you would like to see more on this, please visit… ManualReport … here is more information about our Chapterthon 2020... read more

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