Somali ICT sector

Current or potential leader in the Somali ICT Sector especially those interested in internet governance forums and debates in Africa, here is your chance to deepen your understanding of the “multistakeholder” approach to internet-related policy making. A very pertinent issue in Somalia where the government agencies want to nationalize anything to do with technology that is currently in the growing ICT startups in the country, while ignoring the real national assets, paid for Somali tax payers since early 1960s. The government is supposed to manage assets owned by the Somali people and currently in the hands of the few business people, such as the International Calling Code for the country, 252 or the  use of the spectrum, etc.

Whether you are a policy maker, a researcher, a regulator, an engineer, a journalist, an entrepreneur or a gender equality and human rights defender – if you care about internet policy in Africa, AfriSIG is for you!

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